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Baby's first year : Nannies

What are nannies?

Nannies provide childcare in your home. They offer good and high quality childcare in the comfort of your home.

Do nannies live in the house?

Live-in nannieslive in your house and you are responsible for providing them with private bedroom and food. Nannies can also be working for you on a daily basis where they come to your house daily to look after your child(ren) but are not living with you.

Are nannies registered?

No, nannies are not registered and their work is not inspected as they work at your home. It is therefore, extremely important that you make an informed choice by checking all references made available to you.

What are the benefits of hiring a nanny?

Nannies work from your home which therefore, allows your child to be looked after at home. Nannies are flexible and can easily adapt to your needs.

Is there a limit to the number of children a nanny can look after?

Nannies usually work for one family, looking after all their children. However, in the case of shared nannies , the children of two or more families can be looked after by one nanny. In this case, the nanny would need to be registered with the council.

How much do nannies cost?

Apart from a reasonable salary, you will need to provide for tax and national insurance arrangements.

Where can I look for nannies?

You can look up nanny agencies in your local phone book or even advertise in the local newspaper.

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