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  • Baby's First Year

Baby's first year : When to consult your Doctor

You know your baby best and if he does not seem his usual self, do consult a doctor. When small babies fall sick, their condition can deteriorate very quickly. Do contact a doctor as soon as possible if your baby shows the following signs:

  • Lacks his usual responsiveness
  • Persistent high temperature
  • Refuses two successive feeds
  • Vomits consecutive feeds and throws it up across the room and the vomit is green or contains blood
  • Persistent diarrhoea (especially if blood-stained)
  • Dry nappies and general lethargy attributed to dehydration
  • Seems particularly irritable or restless
  • Any kind of rash
  • Red or purple coloured spots or rash which don't disappear on pressing a glass tumbler against them
  • Breathing with difficulty
  • Bulging fontanelle
  • Strange sounding cough or persistent coughing
  • Seems to cry in an unusual manner, as if in pain
  • Is unconscious after any kind of fall or accident

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