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  • Baby's First Year

Your guide to your baby's first year

Babies grow so quickly in their first year that even if you blink your eyes, you’ll miss something!

The baby section of our site is split into four main areas: Concerns; Health; feeding and general information.

You can also check your baby's progress. Find out what your baby can do and how you can help them grow. Enter your baby's age in months and press the go button:

Watch your baby grow

Watch you baby grow in its first year.
Baby advice and parenting information


As a new parent watching your baby grow you will have many concerns and worries.

We can lay your mind to rest about: the apgar test; colic; cradle cap; diarrhoea; eczema; fever; nappy rash; rubella; thrush; and wind plus manny others in our A to Z of baby concerns.

Baby advice and parenting information


Your baby's health is paramount to your family.

In these articles we have baby advice on: health checks; weighing your baby; teething; immunisations and innoculations; MMR and travelling

Baby advice and parenting information


For your baby's first year what they eat and when they eat is important.

Click here for feeding advice; feeding frequently asked questions and tips on weaning your baby

Baby advice and parenting information

General Information

In our general information section we have advice and information on a variety of subjects including: Your newborn baby; childcare; childminders; day nursery; pre school; when to call your doctor; how to make your house safe for your baby; and which toys are suitable for your baby.

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