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  • Baby's First Year

Baby's first year : Is your house safe for your baby?


  • Use the rear hot plates for cooking
  • Turn handles of saucepans away from the front of the cooker
  • Use socket covers
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy
  • Invest in a smoke alarm
  • Invest in a hob guard
  • Keep the cord of all electrical appliances small and out of the baby's reach
  • Store all polythene bags, plastic wraps and sharp objects away from your baby's reach
  • Ensure that she can't reach your waste bin or the cupboard where you keep bleaches and other household chemicals
  • Don't let her touch the oven door when it is in use and is hot
  • Wipe any spills from the floor (if uncarpeted) immediately to prevent the danger of slipping
  • Place hot drinks and food at the back of the kitchen surface


  • Ensure that the windows in the room cannot be opened to their maximum. Fix catches on the windows, if necessary
  • All furniture (especially that in the baby's room) should have round edges. For furniture that doesn't have round edges, use corner cushions (available in stores)
  • Always change nappies on the floor
  • Cover hot radiators with toys
  • Always use a fireguard if you have a fireplace
  • Cover glass doors with stickers to make sure they are visible
  • Use safety film for glass furniture
  • Use video guard to prevent your baby from poking fingers into it
  • Use socket covers
  • Anti-slam doorstops may prevent little hands and feet from getting stuck in between doors
  • Use a soft night light


  • Never leave a child unattended in the bath, even if it to answer the phone. Young children can even drown in very little water
  • Always use a non-slip bath mat
  • Before placing your child in the bath, ensure that the temperature is right for your baby (you can test with your elbow)
  • Always run cold water first and then run hot water as required
  • Put all cosmetics, razors, medicines and bathroom cleaning stuff away from your child's reach
  • Cover hot radiators with towels


  • Fix safety gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs
  • Ensure that the rails are not too wide for the baby to slip through or not to narrow to get his head stuck


  • Use flame resistant bedding
  • Set the cot mattress to its lowest position before your child can stand himself up
  • Cut the strings on the cot bumper (if using one) short. It is not advisable to use cot bumpers for babies under one year
  • The gap between the mattress and the cot should not be more than 4 cms
  • Place the cot away from windows and radiators
  • Don't use pillows for children under one year
  • Only put small toys in the cot. Larger ones could be (mis)used for climbing out!
  • Ensure that the cot you buy conforms to the legal safety standard

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