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  • Life After Birth

Life after birth : The amazing things your baby can do!


  • Babies are born with this inherent skill of sucking
  • After birth, babies start to coordinate their sucking with breathing
  • Rooting reflex: If a baby's cheek is brushed against a nipple or teat, the baby will automatically turn towards it, ready to suck.
  • Babies open their mouths when their upper lip is stroked.


  • A newborn baby'a grasp is so strong that if they grasp your finger, they can support all their body weight on that grip.
  • Grasp reflex: Ability of the newborn to grasp things with their hands and feet.
  • The tightness of the grasp fades with time and is strongest in the newborn.


If you hold a baby upright (your hands under the shoulders) on a flat and firm surface, he or she will perform walking action. This is known as the stepping reflex.

Use all the senses

  • Your baby can see you (the eye vision is limited to 18 in(20 cms) in the first few weeks).
  • Babies love to be touched gently.
  • Your baby will enjoy a soothing voice.
  • Babies react to bright light and noise.
  • Babies are born with a startle reflex i.e. if you let the baby's head flop back, he or she will think that they're falling and will stretch out arms and legs.
  • Babies recognise your smell.

Food for thought...

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