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Life after birth : Possible methods of contraception


This may be the simplest, easiest and convenient option in the early weeks following delivery.

Combined Pill

  • Can be taken only if you are not breastfeeding (as it reduces the milk flow)

  • You start taking this pill from the 21st day after delivery

  • If you are unable to take it on the 21st day and you start taking it later, it will not be reliable for the first seven days and you should use a condom or some other form of contraception during that time.

Progesterone-only-pill (mini pill)

  • This option is given to you if you are breastfeeding and are unable to take the combined pill

  • You start taking it from the 21st day after delivery

  • You need to take the pill at the same time everyday for it to be effective

  • It is not known to harm the baby through the milk

Cap or Diaphragm

  • A diaphragm can be used only six weeks after delivery

  • If you were using one before you fell pregnant, you will have to get a new one as the old one will not fit anymore (due to changed shape of the cervix)

  • You can discuss with your doctor and have a diaphragm fitted at your postnatal check

Intrauterine device (IUD)

  • This can be fitted or appointment discussed at your postnatal check by the doctor or nurse.

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