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Life after birth : Sterilising and cleaning feeding equipment

Step 1

Bottlefeeding: After every feed, rinse out the bottles and teats in water and keep aside till you are ready for a batch cleaning.

Breastfeeding: Rinse out the pump, breast shells and shields in water after use and keep aside.

Step 2

  • Take a bowl or block the wash basin and fill it with warm soapy water using ordinary washing up liquid
  • Put all the rinsed out equipment (from step1) in it
  • Scrub all the bottles and teats thoroughly with a bottle and teat brush
  • After careful cleaning, rinse all the equipment thoroughly under running water

NOTE: You can use a dishwater and clean all the equipment in it.

Step 3

There are different methods of sterilisation you can choose from:

  • Cold water sterilisation using sterilising tablets or liquid - Follow instruction manual
  • Steam steriliser (quick and time saving) - Follow instruction manual
  • Sterilisation by boiling - this involves submerging clean equipment in a container and boiling for 25 minutes

Food for thought...

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