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Nine Months : Common Concerns in Pregnancy


In pregnancy: As the levels of the hormones, oestrogen and progesterone increase in pregnancy, they cause an increased blood flow to the nose. To top it, pregnancy also changes the blood's ability to clot and hence, nosebleeds and nasal congestion become common complaints.

What to do?

* Dryness may increase the possibility of nosebleeds so it may be a good idea to use humidifiers if using central heating.

* Dab a little petroleum jelly in each nostril to keep them moist.

* Be gentle when blowing your nose as this is a cause for nosebleeds not just in pregnancy but even otherwise.

* Don't use nasal sprays unless prescribed by the doctor.

When you have a nosebleed, pinch your nostrils under the nose bridge and lean slightly forwards and not backwards. This will prevent you choking from the blood. If the bleeding does not stop after a couple of tries and if the bleeding is heavy, call a doctor.

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