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Nine Months : Common Concerns And Discomforts

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

What is it? An infection of the urinary bladder or the kidneys is called urinary tract infection (UTI) and these infections are relatively common during pregnancy.

Symptoms: Not all UTIs have symptoms. Cystitis, a common UTI may be without any symptoms. Some common symptoms include:

* Constant urge to urinate and passing only one or two drops

* Burning sensation, pain or irritation when urinating

* Sharp, low abdominal pain

* In severe cases, blood in urine

* Fever

Irrespective of the fact whether you have symptoms or not, once infection is diagnosed, it needs to be treated with pregnancy safe antibiotics or else it might develop into kidney infection which is a threat to both mother and baby, especially in the last trimester when it may lead to preterm labour

Prevention: As always, prevention is better than cure:

* Drink lots of fluids especially water

* Keep the vaginal area clean (also after intercourse)

* Wear cotton underwear

* Avoid tight fitting trousers

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