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Nine Months : Tips for Pregnancy Wardrobe

Gone are the days when being pregnant meant wearing anything loose and shapeless. There's never been a better time to be pregnant, so go ahead and make a wise investment in maternity dresses with our handy tips.

Golden Rules

* Wear what is comfortable

* You don't necessarily need maternity clothes from day one of your pregnancy. For the first few months, you can continue wearing loose fitting clothes or even larger sizes (example, your partner's shirts etc.).

* Don't do all your maternity wear shopping in one go - shop intelligently for your growing shape.

* It may be wise to invest in loose/front opening T-shirts, tops and nightdresses that can also be worn after the birth.

* Try to select dresses made of cotton or other natural fibres as you tend to feel quite warm in pregnancy.

* Try to mix 'n' match as much as possible. It is economical and also adds colour and variety to your wardrobe.

* Make accessories an essential part of your wardrobe: Nice earrings, striking scarves etc. help to make you look and feel brighter.

Shoes & Tights

* It is very important to select comfortable, low-heeled footwear. (High and flat heels are best avoided)

* It is best to avoid shoes with laces, as with your growing size, tying them will be a nightmare.

* Support tights may be useful to relieve aching legs, swollen ankles and varicose veins.


* Not visible to the world but the most important item in your wardrobe

* A good support bra is essential all throughout pregnancy to provide comfort and also to prevent breasts from sagging. Buy a couple of them first and then buy more when you outgrow these. It may be a good idea to get yourself measured for a perfect fitting maternity bra (many stores now offer this facility). It may be useful to buy sleeping bras if your breasts are tender and need support at night.

* Best not to wear underwired bras when pregnant or breastfeeding

* Nursing bras should be bought 2-4 weeks before the EDD.

* Always get yourself measured for a nursing bra as the size is determined as 1 size up the current cup size and one size down the current bustline. This accomodates for the milk-swollen breasts and the shrunken abdomen after giving birth.

* Make sure that the nursing bra is in a simple design rather than a fancy, netted design. Go for netted or lacy designs only if they have a cotton lining underneath. It can be really painful when tender nipples get entangled in the net/lace. Try our exquisite range of maternity/nursing bras. They are extremely comfortable and trendy and a beautiful reminder of the woman in you...

* Buy maternity briefs for that comfortable feel over your bump.

* Check all underwear for maximum softness and absorbency.

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