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Nine Months : Breastfeed or Bottlefeed?

Nowadays there is a lot of stress on breastfeeding. While there is not a doubt at all about its goodness and we at Mothersbliss have always and will always support breastfeeding, one should never forget that sometimes the mother may want to breastfeed but is just not able to. It could be due to many things including medical reasons. It goes without saying that every woman wants to give the best start to her baby so whether you breastfeed or not, you are still the perfect mother for your baby. Loving your baby is the best start to any baby's healthy life.

We salute all mums who breastfed and also those mums who could not.

The table below is just an outline to help you take a decision in case you were sitting on the fence about whether you should or not breastfeed. It is by no means meant to discriminate one from the other.

Breast Feeding

Bottle Feeding


Yes, as nature ntended

Man made, mostly based on cow's milk


Easily digestible. Breast fed babies tend to have less stomach upsets and wind as compared to bottle fed ones.

More protein and hence takes longer to digest.


Yes, passed from mother to baby through the

No antibodies are passed


Babies fed on breast milk are less likely to develop asthma or eczema

No such natural allergy protection is seen
in bottle fed babies



Bottles, milk powder and accessories will need to be bought


At the right temperature at any time

Milk will have to be cooled /warmed to
attain the right temperature


None required

All bottles and teats will have to be thoroughly sterilised

Benefits for You

Uterus comes back to the normal size quickly.

The process of breast feeding takes up calories. Hence you will regain your original shape quicker.

Helps in bonding with your newborn

Your partner will be able to help you with feeding.

Going back to work will be easier.

Problems for You

Mastitis may be a problem specially for first time mothers.

Tender breasts and sore nipples.

Change in shape of the breasts after prolonged feeding.

Some women feel awkward in having to offer the breast all the time on the supply and demand principle.

Although you can express milk in bottles, going back to work while feeding may be slightly more inconvenient.

You may feel guilty about not feeding your little one. Once you take the decision of not breast feeding, there is no turning back.

Your uterus will take longer to return to normal.

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