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Nine Months : Advice during your pregnancy

Look after your health during pregnancy

This section of our site is specially for mothers during pregnancy and birth. From an early sign of pregnancy, whilst you are pregnant, and through to child birth, we have all the pregnancy advice you need.

Becoming a mother is one of nature’s best gift to a woman. Enjoy it and be proud of it but most importantly, ensure that you have a healthy nine months ahead! As your baby develops you may have concerns or discomforts find out about them in our AtoZ pregnancy guide to pregnancy problems.

There are three stages of pregnancy called trimesters. Each trimester is three months. We take you through what happens to you and your baby with each symptom of pregnancy in our easy to use pregnancy guide from trimester 1 through trimester 2 culminating at the end of trimester 3 with the birth of your baby.

The first trimester of your pregnancy

The first trimester covers weeks 1-13 of your pregnancy. Find out about the development of you and your baby through this period. You will also need to confirm your pregnancy, visit the doctor, and know your maternity rights and benefits. Your body will change during this stage of pregnancy and you may experience some discomforts.

The second trimester of your pregnancy

In the next stage of pregnancy track your baby's growth here. You will have routine tests, or maybe special tests; you will need to decide how to feed your baby either breastfeed or bottlefeed; and you will need to prepare your baby's nursery. Again as you become more gravid you will start to experience discomforts.

The third trimester of your pregnancy

As the pregnancy due date approaches both you and your baby will grow rapidly. You will need to join antenatal classes; get ready for labour and birth; understand what will happen during childbirth; buy maternity bras and clothing and be prepared to handle the discomforts of pregnancy and labour.

All this culmulates with the birth of your baby.

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We also have a number of articles that are relevant to all stages of prenancy:

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