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Nine Months : Right after birth

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Click on the topics below to see how you and your baby look and change right after birth.

Your newborn

* Newborn is covered in vernix, the greasy substance covering the skin.

* Some blood may be visible on the body of the little one. This is just the result of your bleeding and the baby's journey through the birth canal.

* Your baby may be crying immediately after entering the world or the nose and airways may need to be cleaned and oxygen provided(if necessary) causing it to cry a few seconds later.

* The baby will be measured and weighed and given an Apgar score of between 0-10 right after birth. This score is given to assess the baby's breathing, heart rate, skin colour, movements and response to stimulus. This test is repeated after 5 minutes.

Click here for more information on Apgar Test

* The baby will be given an injection of vitamin K to prevent a rare bleeding disorder.

* Umbilical cord will be clamped and cut.


* After the placenta has been delivered, you will be cleaned up and stitched (if required).

* Whether you have stitches, or your perineum has remained intact, remember to start gentle pelvic floor contractions within the first hours after delivery.

* Also do some deep breathing to expand your lungs fully and vigorous foot exercises to help the circulation. This is particularly important after a Caesarean delivery.

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