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Nine Months :TENS machine for pain relief in labour

How will TENS help the pain?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The treatment consists of passing mild electrical impulses across the skin, into the nerver fibres which lie below, via electrodes pads. TENS impulses help your body produce its own pain killing chemicals, such as endorphins, encephalins etc.

The level of pain relief obtained varies from person to person. Some find that the TENS provides all the pain relief required during the whole labour, whilst others find it relieves pain during the first stage but other analgesics are also needed during the second and third stage.


* Totally safe and drug free

* You are in control

* You can continue to be mobile while using it

* It allows you to use other analgesics such as pethidine or gas and air if you wish

* It is very effective if used from the onset of labour.

* Once the correct strength of the current has been set, the effects can be felt immediately.

Side Effects

Side effects in you: None

Side effects in the baby: None

How do I arrange for a TENS machine?

Most hospitals do not provide a TENS machine. You will need to confirm this with either your midwife or the hospital directly well in advance.

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