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Nine Months : Check the nursery set-up

nursery baby's nursery

Once you've decided where to have the nursery, you may need to carry out a few checks to ensure that all is well in that nursery. See below for an essential checklist:

The room should have enough electrical sockets.

There should be sufficient heating and radiators should be functional. Remember that newborn babies are not able to regulate their temperature and need more protection and warmth than we do.

Lights should be in the right places and not too bright. You may want to invest in a dimmer switch if need be.

The room or corner should be reasonably peaceful.

Do ensure that no renovation is planned for the room for the time being - if so, ensure that everything is finished before embarking on the nursery project. There is little point in creating a beautiful nursery only to redo it again because the carpets need to be fitted all over again.

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