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Nine Months : Furnishing your nursery

nursery baby's nursery

Babies need very little in terms of furniture - somewhere to sleep and somewhere to stock their baby stuff. The rest of the furniture in the nursery is mostly optional and added to enhance the look of the nursery.

Somewhere to sleep for the little one - crib, carry cot, cot, Moses basket.

A cupboard or chest of drawers to store little clothes.

A place to stock baby toiletries.

A chair to help you feed the baby easily.

Buy childproof furniture from the start to save you time and money later.

Buy sturdy furniture as the child may use it for support when standing. It should not be so delicate that it topples over.

Secondhand furniture is fine but make sure that the paint is lead free and non-toxic. If in doubt, repaint with safe materials.

There should be no broken bits as they could hurt little hands and feet easily.

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