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Nine Months : Sharing with your partner

partner's role

Pregnancy can be exciting and fun but it can also be quite difficult at times.

There will be moments when all you want is an understanding and sympathetic person to share your feelings.

Most women feel that they can confide best in their partners and be their true selves with them.

So here are a few things we suggest you read with your partner so that he understands his role in this whole adventure of nine months!

* Try and understand your mood swings especially in the first trimester

* Be contactable when at work so that he knows when you go into labour

* Discuss the birth plan with you

* Accompany you to antenatal classes, if possible and if allowed (check first!)

* Be with you in labour (if he feels he can) to provide support and encouragement

* Accompany you for your antenatal appointments especially scans as it will be exciting for both of you

* Ensure that the car tank is full and that he knows the route if he intends driving you to the hospital

* Discuss your maternity record and notes from time to time

* Help relax you with a massage when you're tired or run a bath for you to unwind.

Do remember that you can feel the little one growing inside you whereas your partner can only feel it through you. It is important that you understand his feelings as well because even he needs support. His life is going to be changed as well!

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