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Nine Months : Your antenatal care rights

You can choose to have your GP involved in your maternity care and you can discuss any aspect of your maternity care with your GP.
You should have the opportunity to see a consultant paediatrician or paediatric surgeon if your obstetrician anticipates problems with your baby.
You should have the opportunity to see a consultant obstetrician at least once during your pregnancy.
You must be told the name of the midwife responsible for your antenatal care
You have a right to see all your maternity records and even keep them with you, if you desire (most hospitals give them to you for the duration of your pregnancy anyway)
All medical procedures and proposed treatments should be discussed with you prior to starting them
You must be told how to look after yourself and the baby during pregnancy
Any antenatal appointments must be seen within 30 minutes of the time
You have the right to decide your birth partner
You should be shown the identification labels on your baby as soon as possible after birth
Unless medically advised, you should not be separated from your baby during your stay in the hospital, if you don't wish to (if you want, you can have your baby place in a nursery)
Your midwife and later, your health visitor, must advice you and help you with breastfeeding There must be respect for your privacy, dignity, religious and cultural beliefs
Your friends can family can visit you in the hospital during the prescribed hours

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