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Nine Months :The secrets of great skin

How is my skin affected in pregnancy?

  • Some lucky ones may find that their skin becomes more supple and less spotty during pregnancy.
  • For others, the skin may become dry.
  • The colour as well as the texture of your skin may be altered in pregnancy.
  • You may notice uneven patches on the skin.
  • Dark-skinned women may find that they develop a mask of pregnancy, a butterfly shaped patch of pigmentation across the face.
  • Exposure to sun may further increase the pigmentation effect.
  • Moles, birthmarks, freckles and scars usually darken and grow in size.
  • Skin may darken in the high-friction areas like between the thighs or under arms (this will fade after delivery).

How can I care for my skin?

Oily skin:

  • Use an astringent lotion
  • Special moisturiser for oily skin
  • Oil-free foundation base (if using one).
Dry skin:

  • Avoid using soap
  • Use a gentle face and body wash which is kind to the skin
  • Use bath oil to moisturise your skin further
  • Don't soak in a bath for too long a time as this can actually dry your skin further
  • Use any oil (like baby oil, olive oil) and apply it to your body after a bath or shower

The butterfly mask of pregnancy can be covered up using a concealing foundation. Use a UVA sun screen when going out in the sun and this will help prevent further increase in pigmentation. Don't try to bleach the mask.

Use hypoallergenic skin-care products (where possible) as your skin tends to be particularly sensitive during pregnancy.

Ensure that your diet contains plenty of folic acid as hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) may be linked to folic acid deficiency.

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