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Nine Months : Sex in Pregnancy

Is it safe to make love while I'm pregnant?

It is usually perfectly safe for couples to enjoy a sexual relationship throughout pregnancy. In fact, a healthy sex life is positively beneficial, because as well as maintaining your relationship with your partner, it helps you to unwind, reminds you that you are a sensual woman as well as a mother-to-be, and it can also be a good form of exercise. Sexual intercourse cannot hurt your baby who is safely cushioned in a bag of fluid within your womb; even deep penetration is not harmful.

When is it advisable not to have sex during pregnancy?

You may be advised not to have sex if you have a history of miscarriage or premature labours. It may also be sensible to avoid intercourse if there is unexplained bleeding, and after your waters have broken. Sex is also not advised in cases of placenta praevia, or where the placenta has partially dislodged itself from the womb wall, because penetration could increase the risk of bleeding.

Is it safe to have sex if I have an infection?

Yes, it is. The baby is protected by membranes and a mucous plug that seals the cervix.

Why has my partner lost interest in sex now that I'm pregnant?

All men react differently to a pregnant partner. Some men consider this new image of yours very sexy whereas others find it daunting and fear that by making love, they may cause harm to the baby or even bring on premature labour. It is best to talk about it. Discuss openly so that you both can share your concerns and worries.

Why am I suddenly more keen on sex than before?

This is a perfectly normal way to feel during pregnancy. Some women feel at their most sensual when they are pregnant and their sex life can become more enjoyable than ever. This may be because hormonal changes have created a great sense of well-being and contentment, and your body has become more sensitive to touch. An increased blood flow to the genital area can also enhance your sensitivity and sexual response.

Is it normal to go off sex completely?

Some women feel too sick or tired even to think of sex in the first three months. Later on, the bump comes in the way and you may find the whole business too awkward. All of this is normal and reasonable.

Can sex trigger off the start of labour?

If sperm comes in contact with the neck of your womb when you are near or past your due date, it can help to trigger labour by ripening the cervix and causing it to open up. This is because sperm contains a substance called prostaglandins (the same chemical which is used to induce labour artificially).

Can an orgasm cause a miscarriage?

No. However, in late pregnancy, orgasm can set off Braxton-Hicks' contractions which can last for half an hour.

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