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Nine Months : A visit to your doctor

You need to inform your GP that you are pregnant so that your medical records can be updated accordingly and appropriate antenatal care can be offered to you.

Your first meeting with the doctor may involve some or all of the following routines:

This is the time to discuss any concerns regarding your pregnancy.

* A urine sample may be tested to confirm your pregnancy

* Your due date will be calculated. To calculate due date yourself, click here

* General examination to ensure that you are in good health

* Your antenatal care will be discussed (options like shared care, home birth) and antenatal care schedule will be explained and a few forms filled in

* You will be informed about the midwife who will look after you for the next nine months

* Your booking-in appointment with the midwife will be made or discussed

* Folic acid will be prescribed

* Your medication will be discussed if you suffer from any illness

Your next contact with a professional (as per shared care schedule) will be your booking-in appointment with the midwife in 8-12 weeks time; so if you have any concerns, discuss them NOW.

The information above is based on a shared care antenatal schedule where you are looked after jointly by the local hospital and your GP's surgery. The schedule may differ for other types of antenatal care.

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