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Nine Months : Mother and Baby Watch (Trimester 2)

Select your current week of pregnancy to find out how you and your baby are progressing:


You And Your Body

The second trimester is probably the best time in your pregnancy when you experience the mid-pregnancy bloom and feel good about everything. Your sex life may return if it had been lying dormant for the past three months.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 9cm long and weighs approx 60g/2oz

* The chin, forehead and nose become more clearly defined on your baby's face.

* Eyes come closer together and are no longer wide apart on either side of the head.

* Your baby's body begins to grow fine body hair called lanugo. Lanugo is thought to have a protective function and is also used to hold the greasy skin covering secreted by the baby in the later months.

* Your baby can now respond to external stimulus by actually moving away when the midwife or doctor feels your abdomen.

* The heartbeat is strong and can be picked up using a special listening device - sonicaid.


You And Your Body

* It is time now to think about maternity clothes. Click here for some handy tips

* Your uterus (which is your baby's home) can be felt about 3 inches below your navel.

* As there is an increased amount of blood circulating in your body, the heart enlarges to cope with this.

* The heart also needs to accomodate for your baby's need of oxygen and has hence increased its output by 20 per cent.

* You may feel a lot energetic than before.

* Its time to make plans for holiday between weeks 20-27.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 12 cm long and weighs about 100g/3.5oz

* The legs are now longer than the arms.

* Eyelashes and eyebrows are present.

* Hair on your baby's head is thicker.

* Your baby has started to hear now although all sounds reach him through the amniotic fluid and appear to be muffled.


You And Your Body

* A dark line (called Linea nigra) starts to appear down the centre of your abdomen.

* You will find an increase in your appetite as the baby grows.

* Blood samples for serum screening are usually taken around this time.

Your Baby

* Your baby is now approx 16cm long and weighs about 135g/5oz

* Your baby is able to squint, open his mouth and even frown.

* The skin is very transparent and blood vessels can be seen underneath it.

* Sex organs have developed and can be seen on an ultrasound scan to determine the baby's sex.

* If you are carrying a baby girl, her ovaries have now descended from her abdomen into the pelvis.

* Lanugo or the body hair is quite noticeable on your baby's body now.


You And Your Body

* You may notice stretchmarks especially around the abdomen and the breasts.

* Waistline will have disappeared completely.

* You may experience minor nosebleeds and nasal congestion.

* Bleeding gums (or 'pink toothbrush') may be a problem, so it is a good idea to make an appointment with the dentist for your free dental check-up.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 18cm long and weighs about 185g/6.5oz

* All the limbs are fully formed now.

* Your baby's taste buds are now beginning to develop.

* The placenta is well established with a dense network of blood vessels and is exchanging nutrients and waste.

* Your baby shows deposition of brown fat, which plays a role in heat generation after birth.


You And Your Body

* You may be able to feel your baby move for the first time (it may be later in first time mums).

* The baby's movement feels like fluttering of butterflies or even like rumbling of the stomach (similar to a feeling of indigestion).

* Increase in vaginal discharge.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 21cm long and weighs about 235g/8oz

* Your baby has become more aware of the world around her and can hear sounds outside the uterus

* You may feel her jump at unexpected noises.

* Wrinkled skin due to absence of fat.


You And Your Body

* You may notice that you are gaining weight in specific areas like hips, thighs and abdomen.

* Difficulty in finding a comfortable position to sleep due to the extra weight and bigger uterus.

* Tiny veins may appear on your face (these will disappear after birth).

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 23cm long and weighs about 285g/10oz

* Ears now stand out from the sides of the head.

* Buds for your baby's permanent teeth appear, behind the ones for the milk teeth.


You And Your Body

* You definitely look pregnant now.

* Your waistline is no longer visible.

* The top of uterus uterus is just below the navel.

* Your navel may be flattened or pushed out and remain this way until after the birth.

* You may experience breathlessness upon exertion.

* Indigestion and heartburn as the uterus starts to push against your stomach.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 25.5cm long and weighs about 340g/12oz

* Vernix (waxy substance to protect your baby's skin from the amniotic fluid) is starting to form.


You And Your Body

* Increase in appetite.

* You may develop a craving for something unusual

* You will probably be feeling energetic.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 28cm long and weighs about 390g/14oz

* Your baby already has a high number of red blood cells.

* White blood cells (responsible for fighting infection) are beginning to be manufactured in your baby's body.


You And Your Body

* Your growing baby and the expanding uterus push on your ribcage, which may cause you pain.

* It may be a good idea to check with your doctor that you are having enough iron as it reaches its lowest level this week. See anaemia

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 29.5cm long and weighs about 410g

* Your baby is learning about her body and surroundings through touch.

* Fingernails are fully grown by now. They will probably need to be trimmed when born!

* Your baby will frequently touch and stroke her own face.


You And Your Body

* You may start to feel Braxton-Hicks contractions.

* Your baby can be felt through your abdominal wall now.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 31cm long and weighs about 440g/15.5oz

* Your baby still looks red and wrinkled because although fat is being produced, skin is being produced at a much higher rate, causing it to hang loosely.

* Your baby continues to swallow amniotic fluid and passing it back as urine.

* Swallowing the amniotic fluid may give your baby hiccups, which you may be able to feel.

* If your baby is a male, his scrotum is now well-developed.

* If your baby is a female, her ovaries already contain millions of eggs (which continue to decrease in number until puberty).


You And Your Body

* You may be putting on weight at the rate of about 1 lb per week.

* Weight gain will start taking its toll

* Backache, aching feet and general tiredness may be a problem.

* Try to rest as much as possible with your feet up (above the level of the heart, if possible).

* Wear comfortable shoes. Click here for tips

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 33cm long and weighs about 0.5 kg/1 lb

* Eyes (although still closed) are close together on the front of the face.

* Ears move into their final position on the sides of the head.

* Your baby continues to grow hair on her scalp.

* Your baby develops her own pattern of waking and resting periods.

* Heartbeat can now be heard with an ordinary sthethoscope.

* Your voice can be heard clearly by your baby.


You And Your Body

* Your uterus is now the size of a soccer ball.

* Your uterus along with your growing baby puts increased pressure on your bladder causing you to make frequent trips to urinate.

* Heartburn will be quite common now, especially after heavy meals.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 34cm long and weighs about 0.6 kg/1lb 4oz

* If your baby is male, testes start to descend into his scrotum.

* If your baby is a female, her vagina hollows out.

* Your baby's own unique fingerprints begin to form.


You And Your Body

* Try gentle exercise regularly as this will prepare your body for labour.

* You may feel pressure on and around your pelvis.

* Your baby's movements may cause you pain under the ribs.

* Try to raise your hands up or lie on your side to ease the discomfort.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 35cm long and weighs about 0.7kg/1lb 8oz

* Your baby finally opens his eyelids.

* Your baby's eyes will be blue in the womb, irrespective of the eye colour he/she develops after birth.

* Fat begins to be laid down under the skin.

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