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Nine Months : Mother and Baby Watch (Trimester 3)

Select your current week of pregnancy to find out how you and your baby are progressing:


You And Your Body

* You will become noticeably larger.

* Avoid lying on your back too much- this may make you feel faint as the enlarged uterus presses against the blood vessels.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 36cm long and weighs about 0.8kg/1lb 12oz

* Your unborn baby can now see light through your abdomen.

* Your baby now has a very good chance of surviving if born prematurely (although special care would be required as vital organs would not be fully functional).


You And Your Body

* Your breasts may begin to produce colostrum (the fluid preceding actual breast milk and vital for baby in the first few days after birth).

Use breast pads if your breasts leak too much.

* You may have already/or have this week, blood tests to determine your haemoglobin level. See anaemia

* Keep up your calcium intake to help your baby grow more bone.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 37cm long and weighs about 0.9kg/2lb

* The heart beats at a rate of 150 beats a minute.

* Your baby's brain is growing the folds and grooves of a developed brain.

* The hair on the head is longer.

* Fat continues to be deposited so your baby looks less skinnier.

* Your baby is large enough to be able to determine its presentation (or orientation in the womb).


You And Your Body

* You will be able to feel the baby moving around especially the bottom and feet

* Your uterus is getting much bigger.

* Urge to urinate more frequently because of the pressure of the growing uterus on the internal organs.

* You will need to rest more often.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 38cm long and weighs about 1 kg/2lb 4oz

* The head is more or less in proportion with the rest of her body.

* Your baby's eyes, which can now open and close, are beginning to focus.


You And Your Body

* As you become large, you will start to get slower and clumsier.

* It is important that you maintain good posture while sitting and standing to prevent backache.

* You may experience problems in sleeping and also be unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in. A special maternity pillow may help you get really comfortable at sleeptime.

* Roll on to your side before getting up from a lying position.

* You may experience little breathlessness on walking fast or climbing stairs.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 39cm long and weighs about 1.1 kg/2lb 8oz

* There is now less space for the baby to move around and he may begin to feel cramped inside you.

* Your baby continues to practice rhythmic breathing movements.

* Your baby continues to get fatter and plumper and would be able to keep warm if born prematurely.


You And Your Body

* Increased breathlessness - try to rest and slow down exercises to suit you

* Wear a maternity/sleep bra if your breasts feel uncomfortable at night.

* Inevitable backache.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 40cm long and weighs about 1.4kg/3lb

* The lungs are developed and if your baby was born prematurely, it would be able to take in air into the lungs and breathe properly.

* Your baby's brain is still growing.

* Your baby can feel pain and will move when prodded.


You And Your Body

* If your baby is head down, your baby's legs may reach up to your ribs and cause you discomfort, especially if the little feet get caught in your rib cage. (avoid this by sitting up straight always).

* You may develop varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles or oedema.

* Try to spend time singing and talking to your baby.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 40.5cm long and weighs about 1.6kg/3lb 8oz

* Your baby will become familiar with your voice and be able to recognise it immediately after birth.


You And Your Body

* Your uterus has grown by 500 times.

* You may have vivid dreams at night.

* Need to urinate frequently.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 41.5cm long and weighs about 1.8kg/4lb

* Vernix covering the body of your baby becomes thicker.


You And Your Body

* You will experience regular Braxton-Hicks contractions

* Your blood pressure may be raised slightly.

* You may notice swelling of your hands and feet (see oedema) - take things easy.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 43cm long and weighs about 2kg/4lb 8oz

* Your baby starts to shed almost all the lanugo on her body.

* Your baby is drawing calcium from you to build up her bones.

* If born now, your baby is called pre-term infant and not premature.

* The eyes respond to bright light and your baby is actively practicing blinking.


You And Your Body

* You will now need 200 extra calories in these last weeks.

* Try to eat small, frequent meals rather than one large meal. This will prevent heartburn.

* You may begin to feel fed up about the entire affair of pregnancy and will be eager to deliver your baby.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 44.5cm long and weighs about 2.3kg/5lb

* Fingernails reach the tip of the fingers and your baby may even have scratch marks on his faces when born.

* Fat deposition continues.

* Your baby fills most of your uterus now and feels very cramped in the limited space.


You And Your Body

* Your antenatal checks will now become weekly.

* The top of your uterus reaches its highest point, just below the breastbone.

* You may suffer from pain in your ribcage.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 46cm long and weighs about 2.5kg/5lb 8oz

* Your baby may be ready to engage this week or next.

* Your baby's face has filled out and looks smooth and plump.

* Skull is firm but not hard.

* Nervous system continues to mature.

* Continues to practice breathing, sucking and swallowing movements.


You And Your Body

* If your baby engages this week, you will feel a sensation called "lightening" as pressure on your ribs and internal organs eases

* Breathing and eating should become easier for you.

* You will feel an even greater urge to urinate as the uterus presses even harder on your bladder now.

* You should have everything ready and packed as the baby can arrive anytime between now and week 42. Click here to know what to pack in your bags.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 47cm long and weighs about 2.7kg/6lb

* Your baby is clinically mature and ready to be born

* Fat is still being laid down by your baby so she continues to grow.

* Your baby will continue practice breathing although there is no air in her lungs.


You And Your Body

You will be tired of waiting, so keep yourself busy now and try to distract yourself.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 48cm long and weighs about 2.9kg/6lb 8oz

* The skin now has a pinkish look.

* The nails have grown fully and already need cutting.

* Vernix is beginning to dissolve.


You And Your Body

* You will be feeling excited and apprehensive about the whole affair.

* It is common to feel that you will not be able to recognise the symptoms of real labour. Relax- you can't miss them.

* Your cervix is ripening for the birth.

* Your bladder is under more pressure than ever.

Your Baby

* Your baby is about 49cm long and weighs about 3.1kg/7lb

* Your baby is able to function on his own, although he is still getting nourishment from the placenta.

* Most of the lanugo would have gone except around the shoulders and the creases of the chubby body.

* The umbilical cord is now 1.3cm thick and may be knotted or wrapped around his neck.


You And Your Body

* Try to stay calm while waiting.

* Use any Braxton-Hicks or false labour to practice your relaxation and breathing techniques.

* If you're worried about your waters breaking in public, you may be more confident wearing a sanitary towel.

* If you go into labour, make sure people involved in your labour know what your birth plan is and try to be as flexible as possible.

Your Baby

* Your baby is approx 50cm long and weighs about 3.4kg/7lb 8oz

* Your baby is all curled up, head down in the foetal position, waiting to be born.


You And Your Body

* One or two weeks overdue is not a worry as long as your baby is healthy and the doctor may do a few tests to check that.

* Tests include ultrasound scan and measurement of foetal heart rate to ensure that the baby is not in distress.

Your Baby

* Your baby is still putting on weight.

* She is getting impatient just like you, waiting to be born.


You And Your Body

Nearly ten per cent of pregnancies last this long. Discuss methods of induction of labour with your doctor.

Your Baby

Your baby would probably have entered the world with a cry and a surprised look on her face.

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