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Baby planning: Previous Caesarean

Caesarean, also called C-section is the delivery of a baby through an incision in the abdomen.

Theoretically, a Caesarean requires more post-operative care as compared to a normal, vaginal delivery. There are exceptions to this rule, as in my case, although I had a vaginal delivery(ventouse assisted), it took me months to get over the discomfort and the soreness, not to mention the fact that I had to use a rubber ring (an epipillow) for sitting all that time as I was nurturing an extremely painful tail bone. So each case is different and all decisions should be made on an individual basis.

However, as a caesarean delivery involves abdominal surgery, your stitches and discomfort may take some time to heal. You may just not feel up to planning another pregnancy till the time you have recovered completely (this applies to all traumatic non-caesarean deliveries as well).

Most women feel that if they've had a Caesarean once,they will have to have a Caesarean again. This is not true. You have all the same chances of having a normal vaginal delivery like everyone else.

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