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Baby planning: Factors affecting Chances of Conception

Conception should be a simple, natural process where the sperm fertilises the egg and baby is born a few months later - in most cases, it is this simple as nature intended.

In others, it takes a little bit longer due to certain factors that play a role so lets understand them:

Sperm: The male partner must be producing adequate amounts (average of 60-80 million per ml) of normal, healthy and good quality sperm

Age: Although women are delaying getting pregnant, it is important to note that women over 35yrs may have reduced chances of conception

Timings: The fertile days must coincide with the time when sperm enter your body i.e. it is important to make love on those fertile days

Location issues: Your partner's sperm should be able to locate your egg

Successful fertilisation must occur between sperm and egg

Lifestyle: A good, nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle (with no smoking or drinking) are important

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