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Time to make a baby

Planning a pregnancy

Are we ready for a baby yet? When is the best time to make a baby? Is my diet okay for my baby-to-be? Am I exercising enough? We have answers to all your concerns!

The pregnancy planning part of our site is organised into four sections: Contraception; Conception; Failure to conceive; and Health issues. Each section has a vast amount of information enabling you to make informed decisions when planning your family.

An important part of planning a baby is knowing what to do and when to do it. We can help you with your goal to get pregnant with our pre-pregnancy checklist.

Many of us like to time our pregnancies and have control over our lives and that is when contraception works perfectly. However, the same methods become a concern when we are ready to get pregnant. Something we have been used to or have been using comfortably for a long time, suddenly becomes a nuisance and you want to get rid of it as soon as you possibly can.

When is the right time to come off contraception and how will it affect me and my baby? What happens if I become pregnant whilst taking contraception and have an unplanned pregnancy? How does the pill affect male fertility and our ability to conceive in later generations? If I had a caesarean before, does this mean it will take longer to conceive this time around?RELAX!

The true miracle of birth starts at conception. Nature has created a series of events that are fully explained in these pages.

Starting with the release of your egg: ovulation, then fertilisation, and completing the cycle with the embedding of the egg in your womb.

There are so many gender selection stories everywhere. Discover how you can influence the sex of your baby, and the importance of folic acid in the reduction of risk of spina bifida.

There may be a number of reasons causing difficulty or failure to conceive, including: low sperm count; age issues; stress and others.

There is even hope for women who have cervical cancer being able to conceive.

Your health is an important factor not only during pregnancy but prior to conception as well.

This section provides advice and tips on: your diet; Smoking and Drinking; exercise; stress and weight problems.

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