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Baby planning: Trying with no success?

Making love at the right time of the month, month after month and still no success?

Ideally, its time to see a doctor if you've been trying for a baby religiously for a year and have had no success. It is probably easier said that done as most couples are hesistant to approach a doctor for their failure to conceive. Women will find that it is extremely difficult to convince their partners to go for a check up as they see it as a direct blow to their masculinity!

Much of the hesitation is due to the fact that most couples don't know much about infertility and whatever little they do know, is so specialised and complicated that it makes it sound all the more scary.

Knowledge is strength so click on the links below to start educating yourself about your condition:

Reasons for your failure to conceive

Is there any hope?

What each of us needs to remember is that ignoring a possible problem will not make it go away. The sooner your problem is identified, the sooner your (or your partner's) treatment can be started. You can still have a happy ending...

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