Mothersbliss : About Us

Giving birth to a baby is God’s gift to you. We just ensure you have a blissful motherhood!

How this site was born

The idea for this site was conceived at around the same time that my daughter was born (early 2000). Like almost every other first timer mother-to-be, I was a very nervous and worried woman for the nine months that I was carrying her.

It’s a different thing that once you’ve successfully given birth, you wonder what the fuss was all about!

During those nine months, I must have read all pregnancy books to the letter, talked about my concerns to all pregnant and non-pregnant friends, picked up the phone to make calls to my GP or midwife, collected countless leaflets from the surgery, surfed the net for innumerable hours and even paced the corridors up and down for ages when I was worried about this little life growing inside me!

Even if I ignored all my worries, there were times when I simply wanted to learn and know more about my pregnancy and my unborn baby.

I came to one conclusion…

…Mothers-to-be need friends, support, encouragement, sound advice and peace of mind almost throughout their pregnancy and I could not find one central place which could provide them with all this without confusing with all the frills and fancies.

There was a need to create a forum where all mothers could truly experience the perfect joy of being a mother!

So, once I delivered a beautiful and healthy (7lb 7oz) baby girl and got over the postnatal discomforts, I started working on this site to provide to others what I could not have.

Although initiated as a ‘mothers-to-be ‘ site only, I realised that bringing up a baby could be an enjoyable and challenging experience as well (demanding a lot of help and advice) and so the site grew to accommodate mothers.

After all, its all about motherhood and being a mother!

Our vision statement

Empower Mothers to fulfil articulated and unarticulated needs: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace, and through Any device.

Our approach

There is only one word to describe the nature of our approach – SIMPLE. Information has been organised in a manner that we feel is natural and the way mothers tend to look through it. If you would like to see it differently, your suggestions are welcome. Do write to us.

Our promise to you

We are striving to make this site your favourite place. Your contributions and patience will help us immensely. In return, we promise you a good quality, professional site, a site you can associate with!

Our Awards

This site is growing… stay with us and share the perfect joy of being a mother!



(Founder – Mothersbliss).